Social toys: Skylanders, LeapPad and Big Hugs Elmo lead the way

You may have seen our post last Friday, when we outlined the most-mentioned toys on Twitter after a week’s worth of monitoring. 

We’ve now expanded our hot toys monitoring to include more of the digital landscape with Reddit posts, public Facebook posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, online news stories and public Twitter posts.


And what better day than Black Friday, with things like this happening often in the pursuit of these very items, to offer a follow-up?

Skylanders SWAP Force, which dominated last week’s pack of 17 with a 27-per-cent share of voice, consolidated its grip on the No. 1 spot by jumping six per cent (to 33 per cent overall).

Big Hugs Elmo, while not nearly as popular, also made a bit of a jump moving up one per cent (seemingly at the expense of the LeapPad Ultra, which sank two per cent).

Barbie & Her Sisters In A Pony Tale (yes, I just said that) also rose one per cent during the week.

Our list of monitored toys has been compiled with the help of toy review website The Noise on Toys and the Toys “R” Us Fab 15 toys list for 2013. 

As far as Skylanders SWAP Force goes, well, people just can’t seem to get enough of this game. Early reviews from Twitter users have been glowing:

Heck, Skylanders SWAP Force is so popular that even professional video game testers — people who  get to play video games for a living — are excited to get it:

The reception has been a little more mixed for some of the other toys (we’ll run a sentiment analysis on the top five toys in next week’s post).

While some were quick to proclaim their love for Big Hugs Elmo, for instance:


…Others weren’t so sure, with some even waxing philosophical about the plush little guy’s implications on modern society:


We’ll continue monitoring our top social toys of 2013 into December, with a final infographic to come just before the holidays.


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