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Media habits of liberals and conservatives: A Pew study

  Those who identify as consistent liberals in the U.S. prefer an array of news sources, while conservatives tend to cluster around one main news source. Conservatives also tend to distrust more news sources than liberals, while liberals are more likely to unfriend someone on social media solely because of politics. These are just some of the findings in “Political Polarization and Media Habits” , a recent study by the Pew Research Journalism Project examining the media habits of liberals and conservatives in the U.S. … Continue reading

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US Midterm election: McConnell most mentioned Senate candidate, Georgia most mentioned state

The US midterm elections have come and gone, and now the news media in the US and around the world will need to find something else to keep their attention. Before they do that, however, we decided to take a look at which races and states US media paid closest attention to on election day. We collected over 3,000 election articles from November 4 that appeared in one of 25 major US news websites. We then analyzed the articles looking for Senate candidates , Governor candidates and general … Continue reading

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GTEC, Day 1: The most retweeted conference goers

  Though it’s only been in session for a few hours, social conversations about  GTEC — Canada’s Government Technology Event, featuring keynotes from federal CIO Corinne Charette and Treasury Board President Tony Clement — are already in full swing. “if everyone on your team thinks like you, then someone is redundant”. Sandy McIntosh #diversityinthought #gtec — Thom Kearney (@thomkearney) October 27, 2014 The Oct. 27-30 event also features keynotes by Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Narayen , Salesforce VP Peter Coffee , and Forrester Research VP Josh Bernoff . We’ve run a brief analysis on tweets about … Continue reading

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#cdnpoli: Mike Hudema, Stephen Lautens, PM this month’s top influencers

Since the House of Commons returned just over two weeks ago, a lot has happened in the world of Canadian politics both inside and outside of Parliament. We tracked the #cdnpoli hashtag between September 15 and 28 to see exactly what was most important to Canadians when it came to Canadian politics. The array of topics was certainly interesting. As you can see in the chart below, no topic accounted for more than 5.5 per cent of tweets while a total of eight … Continue reading

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Scottish referendum: Social media, pollsters and Andy Murray

The prognosticators for today’s Scottish independence referendum are probably as anxious as the people of Great Britain – after all, the science of polling has been under siege lately  as our society and its news sources have become more fragmented. Another dimension is added with the advent of social media, where emotion and a greatly accelerated news cycle can strongly influence public opinion. Add the proliferation of mobile technology, call blocking, and the growing trend of moving away from land-lines — the traditional communication channel for pollsters collecting … Continue reading

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‘Indonesia’s Obama’: Western media tunes into Jokowi

Indonesia just completed a presidential election.  Surprisingly, the results are getting considerably more attention from Western media than you might expect. That’s largely because of the winning candidate, Joko “Jokowi” Widodo , who has been hailed as Indonesia’s answer to President Obama (not least of all because they kind of look alike ). We monitored for mentions of “Joko Widodo” and “Jokowi” in online media over the past four weeks to see how much the Indonesian election and its very popular winner fared in Western outlets. Of the four countries we … Continue reading

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#UkraineDesk experiment dominated by Mashable, VICE News

Last month, VICE News , Mashable , Quartz , Mother Jones , NBC’s Breaking News and others came together to experiment with their coverage of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. It was called #UkraineDesk , and the goal was to create a central repository for all news on the subject from all participating sites. From May 14 onward, we tracked the hashtag on Twitter to see how the experiment performed and which of the participating sites were driving the conversation. We collected over 7,000 tweets during the period (note that we started tracking … Continue reading

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Ontario election debate: Horwath makes positive impression; Wynne’s ‘windmill’ hands create minor stir

This just in — Andrea Horwath made a huge impression during last night’s leadership debate . Well, at least on Twitter. The Ontario NDP leader, who admittedly has a much lower profile than both PC leader Tim Hudak  or Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne , has struggled for mentions on Twitter during the entire campaign. You can see the evidence below (MediaMiser has monitored the hashtags #ontpoli, #onpoli and #voteon since May 16): All three candidates — total mentions Hudak 62,552 Wynne 33,029 Horwath 20,062 All three candidates — … Continue reading

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Trudeau’s third child, Hadrian, hijacks the news cycle

In case you haven’t heard, Justin Trudeau’s third child Hadrian Trudeau, was born this morning. At 8 pounds and 3 ounces, the latest member of the Trudeau family was born just a week after the Liberal Party’s national convention . The Liberal leader made the announcement in French and English on Twitter at 10 AM this morning. Welcome to the world, little Hadrian. 8lbs 3oz, Sophie is wonderful, Xavier and Ella-Grace couldn’t be prouder. — Justin Trudeau, MP (@JustinTrudeau) February 28, 2014   After that, as you can see in the chart below, … Continue reading

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Politicians want your retweets — RT this if you agree

We’ve been tracking MPs on Twitter since the Speech from the Throne in the fall and we’ve already taken a look at who is the most influential MPs in terms of retweets. But with politicians heading back to Parliament this week, I wanted to look at the data we’d collected over the break. The most influential users hadn’t changed much ( Stephen Harper , Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau were once again on top). But I did find an interesting trend after looking at which tweets were most popular. Of all … Continue reading

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