Which teams are the popular ones on Twitter during NHL Playoffs?

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Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to check out our ongoing NHL Playoffs Twitter analysis at HockeyTrashTweet.com, which is tracking tweets about all 16 teams in the first round.

But if you’ve been following our page for a few days now, you might be wondering which hashtags, teams or @ mentions are the most popular overall. 

For those of you out west, you’re about to be disappointed – only two of the top 10 most popular hashtags or @ mentions (#Canucks and #Blackhawks) are from the Western Conference. The rest are from the East (all numbers listed are daily averages):

  1. #habs 9,725NHL Playoffs Popular Teams on Twitter
  2. #bruins 9,251
  3. #leafs 8,870
  4. #Canucks 8,851
  5. @MapleLeafs 7,949
  6. #sens 7,522
  7. #pens 7,397
  8. @Penguins 6,826
  9. #Blackhawks 6,372
  10. #Isles 4,697

It’s worth noting that the #habs hashtag received a large boost (perhaps ironically) in mentions after the Montreal Canadiens were eliminated by the Ottawa Senators last night.

But what about the most popular teams overall, when all search terms are taken into consideration? Again, all numbers are daily averages of the number of tweets of each team’s Twitter handle plus most popular two hashtags (in this case the West fares a little better, with four teams in the top 10):

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs 21,446
  2. Pittsburgh Penguins 17,565
  3. Montreal Canadiens 14,628
  4. Ottawa Senators 13,153
  5. Vancouver Canucks 12,162
  6. Chicago Blackhawks 11,517
  7. Boston Bruins 11,586
  8. Detroit Red Wings 8,062
  9. L.A. Kings 6,444
  10. Washington Capitals 6,587