Watch Twitter react to yesterday’s Apple WWDC keynote

Apple’s WWDC keynote may not include Steve Jobs anymore, but it still draws the attention of millions of Apple fans and developers from around the world.

We tracked the hashtag #WWDC to get an idea which newly unveiled products people were most excited about (collecting nearly 195,000 tweets using this hashtag in less than 24 hours).

The event included a futuristic-looking Mac Pro, a new OSX not named after a cat and, the coup de grace, a completely redesigned iOS.

And while Twitter seems to have reacted the strongest to the new mobile operating system, users also had plenty to say about the day’s other unveils.

Watch Twitter react to Apple ios7 WWDC

The volume of tweets using the hashtag #WWDC during Apple’s developers event on Monday, June 10. ios7 was introduced just before the 14:30 mark, and represents the biggest spike on the graph.

Half an hour before the speech tweets were coming in at just less than 200 per minute, slowly ramping up as the 1 p.m. Eastern start time approached. Volume hit 1,200 tweets per minute as CEO Tim Cook took the stage.

Tweets then dipped below 1,000 per minute until Apple’s head of software, Craig Federighi, took the stage to introduce a new version of OSX.

After teasing that the next version would be known as “Sea Lion”, Federighi revealed OSX Mavericks — named for a well-known surfing area in California.

At the 1:23 mark, just after the reveal, tweets jumped to over 1,800 per minute with sporadic peaks as Federighi demoed some new features.

The next big spike came right before 2 p.m., when Apple’s head of marketing, Phil Schiller, showed off a futuristic-looking Mac Pro. Tweets nearly hit 2,000 per minute as Schiller suggested, in not so many words, that Apple can still innovate.

Then came the big reveal of the day: iOS 7, arguably the biggest change since the iPhone was introduced. Tweets started to to increase as Apple’s head of design, Johnny Ive, appeared on-screen talking about the new product in front of an iconic white background.

Watch Twitter react to Apple ios7 WWDC

Apple’s ios7. Photo courtesy Apple Inc.

Then, as the video showed off the new design and a host of new features, tweets started pouring in. Between the 2:20 and 2:27 mark, tweets came in at an average of well over 1,500 per minute. The peak came at 2:24, with over 2,100 tweets per minute.

There were a few more peaks with demos of several new features and light-hearted bashing of the old design. Tweets hovered around the 1,000 per minute mark until the keynote ended at 3 p.m., after which they quickly dropped off.