Porter Airlines Expansion of Billy Bishop Airport

On April 10, Porter Airlines announced plans for the expansion of its fleet and its operations hub at Billy Bishop airport in Toronto. How was this news received
by the media and stakeholders?

Some highlights from the report include:

Media Monitoring & Media Analysis
  • Disparity in tone between online news coverage and Twitter posts – while 50 per cent of online news stories were positive and only four per cent were negative, only 20 per cent of tweets were positive, and 19 per cent were negative
  • Porter’s messaging around its proposed new fleet was successfully disseminated – 36 per cent of online articles noted that noise from the CSeries jets would likely not be a concern while only eight per cent mentioned noise could be a concern
  • Tweets tended to be more negative than online news stories – negative tweets primarily focused on community concerns and often included the hashtag #NoJetsTO

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