Agility PR Solutions

Streamline your communications process & maximize success

Listen for topics generating buzz, target key contacts and build media lists, share messages, engage with influencers, and report on the effectiveness of campaigns – all within one platform.

Target and attract influential attention

Leverage our global media database, the most robust in the world, to pinpoint key contacts and influential audiences for your campaigns and media outreach.

  • Create Focused Lists – Plan targeted outreach for specific campaign goals from our database of over 700,000 global contacts.
  • Discover Journalists & Bloggers from All Spheres – Print, online, TV, radio, and social media professionals are found in our global database and network.
  • Customize Your View — Display your media data in the way most relevant to your campaigns.
  • Search Quickly & Intuitively — Generate a list of people who want to be informed about your communications using the intuitive search function.
  • Quickly Find Author Info — Our research team continuously updates our database, helping you quickly find outlet and authors details, including preferred method of contact, Twitter user name and handle.
  • Engage More Contacts — Reach more outlets, websites, reporters, bloggers, and social influencers via email distribution or social channels.

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Monitor the media landscape

Keep an eye on web, blog, print, broadcast and social conversations with the Agility platform, for a more accurate, meaningful view of the media landscape and the topics generating buzz.

  • Monitor Social Feeds – Follow social activity on the topics, competitors and sectors most critical to achieving your goals.
  • Identify Trends through Historical Data – Set up your searches to access up to 6 months of historical data to easily identify coverage and market trends.
  • Organize Your Findings – Sort and filter based on media source type, Klout score, sentiment and relevancy.
  • Directly Engage with Key Influencers – Reach out to influencers on social channels and track and manage all activity within the platform.
  • Receive Alerts – Set up alerts based on a set of search criteria or monitored topics, and receive the intelligence you need, when it matters most.

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Evaluate the success of your communications efforts

Tracking and measuring communications — and sharing the results — can be a complicated process. Agility provides tools to collaborate on media campaigns and interpret their results.

  • Analyze Campaigns – Use real-time measurement tools to interpret the effectiveness of your communication efforts.
  • Generate Reports – Provide visual detail by activity level and by sources for all campaign elements.
  • Prove ROI — Share results with your team members and stakeholders with powerful reporting tools.
  • Refine Plans — Revise your future communications based on what works — and what doesn’t.

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