Understanding Periscope for PR


Recently, MediaMiser and Bulldog Reporter hosted a unique webinar with Cameron Gordon, Communications Lead at Twitter Canada. The topic: Understanding Periscope for PR.

If you’re in PR and have not heard of Periscope, you may need to crawl out from under that rock and get up to speed. The live-streaming video app has provided individuals with the opportunity see places, witness live events, and experience things they may never had the chance to otherwise—all in real-time. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; well then live video must be worth a million! Continue reading

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It’s time to say goodbye to shotgun-style news releases

It's time to say goodbye to shotgun-style news releases

As MediaMiser builds our new platform for list building and distribution, and the PR world evolves its outreach methods, it’s time to finally say goodbye to the shotgun-style approach of blasting media.   Continue reading

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Being proactive with your online reputation

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This has been the year of crisis management in PR. From Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, to ex-Subway mascot Jared Fogle’s “mild pedophelia,” companies are seeking best practices for building and implementing their reputation management strategies. Continue reading

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Online and offline marketing are merging

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Digital marketing is now mainstream, and digital commerce is a top priority for marketers, according to a survey of marketing executives by IT research and advisory firm Gartner. The survey also found that marketing budgets increased 10 percent in 2015, with 61 percent of respondents saying they expect budgets to increase again in 2016. Continue reading

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Hot Toys on Twitter 2015: Guitar Hero, Skylanders and a Pie in the Face


It’s Black Friday week, everyone, and you know what that means: lots and lots of videos this coming Monday morning of eager shoppers exercising the holiday spirit by being trampled and getting into fights. Continue reading

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NYT VR: Virtual reality comes to mainstream news, and it’s unbelievably cool


It used to be that when you picked up a newspaper, the most you could possibly hope for is to be briefed on the most recent news possible (while, hopefully, being at least marginally entertained in the process).

Now, however, newspapers—and media companies in general—aren’t just in the business of simply selling news. From a financial perspective, they can’t be. Continue reading

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One Direction vs. Justin Bieber: Who won in online news this past weekend?

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This weekend, both Justin Bieber and One Direction launched their latest albums—Purpose and Made in the A.M. respectively.

Purpose is Bieber’s fourth studio album, and Billboard has even gone as far as to say that “from a PR perspective, Purpose is the album Justin Bieber had to make.” After running around rampant over the last few years, the 21-year-old had to settle down a bit and produce a much cooler, laidback album to prove that he’s maturing as an artist. At least that’s what the media says. Continue reading

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#ItsJustACup: Starbucks fires first shot in so-called ‘War on Christmas’


Call it the first advertising mistake of the holiday season or a genius marketing ploy, but no matter how you look at it, Starbucks is the first corporate entity to reignite the “War on Christmas” battle this year. Continue reading

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GOP debate: Ben Carson marginalized on Twitter

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The most substantial debate of the Republican leadership race took place this week, with candidates clashing on a range of issues including immigration and the economy. Continue reading

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Top Twitter influencers of #PRSAICON: Day 3


As Day 3 of the PRSA 2015 International Conference came to an end, MediaMiser was sad to say goodbye to gorgeous Atlanta, Georgia and to all of our new connections.

Tuesday, November 10 was considerably quiet at #PRSAICON—Tweets dropped to roughly 2,500 for the entire day. Though considerably less people were tweeting compared to the previous two days of the conference, MediaMiser wanted to see who was influencing the conversations and what they were talking about! Continue reading

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