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Creating content that moves

The first part of any successful content amplification strategy is creating content that is easily amplified. This may sound elementary, but it’s not exactly easy, either. Throwing dry spaghetti at the wall hoping that it sticks just won’t work; the content has to first be worthy of amplification.

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Utilizing influencers to move your content

Influencers are experts within a particular industry or on a particular topic. More than just experts, though, an influencer is an expert with a large and engaged following. Engaged followers, for their part, are those on social media platforms who do more than simply follow industry leaders and subject experts; they’re the ones re-tweeting content, writing reviews, and engaging in conversations with influencers, with their own followers, and with people in their day-to-day lives. It is important to tap into this follower base, because these are the people who are more likely to engage with and share your own content.

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Developing a marketing plan: 6 essential steps

Developing annual marketing plans and successfully executing them are main tasks of marketing professionals. However, even for experienced marketers, figuring out the steps involved in crafting a flawless marketing plan can be challenging, not least because so many similar terms seem to confuse things.

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Crafting a successful marketing automation strategy

You’ve worked hard to generate quality inbound leads, but now what? Marketing automation is how sophisticated marketers today are reducing their repetitive task load. Automated marketing software will publish your emails, social media posts, blog updates, and other actions to simultaneously make your work easier and increase engagement levels.

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The Royals on Twitter: the who and where of their visit

A week since the Royals have left Canada, and the Twitter storm has arguably come to its end. But while Will, Kate, George, and Charlotte were on Canadian soil, the storm raged. We at MediaMiser used our analysis software to analyze these tweets for mentions of where the family went on their Canadian tour.

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5 podcasts to which PR pros should subscribe

As a PR pro, do you ever truly stop thinking about PR, even after a long day/month/year? Chances are the answer is ‘no’.

In today’s fast-paced public relations world, we all have to stay on top of the latest updates and trends – and hands-free audio files are the way to do it, as they’re ideally suited for communications professionals who are constantly on the go. This explains why podcasts have become the new frontier in the realm of digital media and PR.

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