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by Bulldog Reporter

Customer retention and marketing concept. Vector of a businessman making an announcement in megaphone to a targeted audience attracting new shoppers

New study reveals brand loyalty is worth more than the suggested retail price

In a fickle, fast-moving retail environment, every brand could use a little loyalty—and in fact, new research asserts that loyalty might be worth...

Hey brands, is it time to break up with Snapchat?

Let’s be honest, we all know things have been difficult with Snapchat for a while now. The signs are there. It started with small annoyances, like redesigns that didn’t seem to solve any problems, but created new ones. Then there’s the few (hundred million) dalliances...

6 strategic tips for next-level real estate PR

Competing in the real estate industry can feel like an overwhelming thing to do at times. However, if you have a plan for a compelling PR strategy, you can really outshine your competition. As long as you are willing to be patient and continue working hard, you will...

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